Friday, August 21, 2009

Subtrek1 Identifies A New Job Benefit Plan For Our Government Representatives Over At The Nashua Telegraph

Subtrek1 posted some interesting ideas at the Nashua Telegraph commenting on an article about stimulus jobs in New Hampshire. Apparently, 700 out of 796 stimulus jobs are within the state government. It sounds like Subtrek1 might be a little jaded, but they certainly have some compelling ideas with regard to effectively changing our representatives benefits:

subtrek1 32 minutes ago
To All:
Since when did healthcare become a right of the government to provide for US. I believe that in the Constitution we are gauranteed, Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Insurance, no that is not what the document states. There will be no TORT reform since the Congress and Senate along with the White House are comprised of laywers. They will do no harm to themselves so that when we vote out these thieves and liars, they will still have a job to work at.

I beleive that we need to reform the Congress, my suggestions are as follows:

1) Salaries reduced for all goverment employees that work with the legistlation branch REDUCED to the USA average (currently about 45K a year).

2) All congressional members housed in BARRACKS style housing, just like the military has to live in.

3) Provide all meals for them from the kitchens of the three nearest military bases at no cost, if they don't like the food use your paycheck to pay for your own eating out same as us.

4) All except BARACK, Joe B and Nancy must fly US carriers in the COACH cabin, and they are supplied 1 round trip per month to their home district.

5) No LOBBYIST's allowed to wine, dine or donate to any members political funds.

6) Foreign trips for business must be placed online and the reasons and people being visited listed, we can then take a online vote if we want them spending OUR money for these trips. They may not take spouses, or lovers and still must fly commercial airlines in COACH class.

7) All expenditures made by them must be listed online for the citizens to view and comment on.

Let's see if they will adopt these ideas, I for ONE would think NOT.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deep Thoughts From MsCreant Over At Zero Hedge

This was an interesting comment from the 'PIMCO and Zero Hedge' article over at Zero Hedge. I'll just let it stand on it's own. What do you think?

by MsCreant
on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 11:25

Fight club would take PIMCO and Paulson. What a great way to redeem yourself if you knew you were caught up in something larger than yourself, that you had a hand in creating, that did so much damage.

Folks are drawn to this blog because they want a taste of what this staff is living as they create the synergy that is this blog. They are working for something they believe in. Right there-- Wow! Chances are good they have decent relationships with each other (hope so). They obviously have an outlet for their creativity. Finances may be rough, don't know, but the kinds of things I just listed are the very things we are selling our souls for so that the finances won't be rough. Literally.

If you let it, the whole concept is a nice mind fuck, just slip it on in there and move it around. We are all permeable identities. We always were. The identity is the container that both enables and limits what is possible. The identity is something we become enslaved to. So enslaved that we get hung up on earning money instead of being good stewards for our planet, our community, our families, and our selves. Isn't that what went wrong here?

I don't want to put you fuckers on a pedestal. Then I'd need to kill you, see (my avatar has a gun) pedestals are part of the problem. But I do want to share with you that there is a wonderful spirit about this place which is contagious.

I don't need to know you to feel you. I don't need to always agree with you to see where the heart is. Thanks for what you do. You give me hope.

Even if you are PIMCO hedgefund managers...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dave Gets Me to Laugh Out Loud With His Amusing Comment Over At

The visual was excellent!
There's a quick clip over at from President Obama's town hall event in Portsmouth, NH. In the clip, Obama mentions that UPS and Fedex (both private companies) are 'doing fine' and that the US Post Office (government run entity) is the 'one with all the problems' while he's trying to make his case for government run healthcare.
Obviously this is a big open-mouth-insert-foot event for the President which you would expect to get a lot of heckling comments from, but Dave was succinct and witty:

Dave August 11th, 2009 - 2:57 pm
Do you think when he got done saying that a light bulb went of in his head, and he thought “Oh crap. Ayn Rand was right!”

Its his own words, he must understand the lunacy of it. Also Im sure that fed-ex and ups would love to have a chance at the monopoly the post office controls through law of letter delivery.

Thank you Dave for the witty comment.

'Red' Doing a Great Job of Supporting the 'Nutroots' Theory Over at

I like to read the fact checking articles that come out of many of the news organizations. With all the sensational hype and bias that tends to lead our daily news cycle, it's refreshing to see somebody pull back, take the time to do a little research and report more than one perspective on an issue. I always thought that was the spirit of journalism but it seems to have lost it's way in recent times.
Jake Tapper had an article today over at that followed up on President Obama's statement that the AARP publicly supports the healthcare reform bill. Apparently, the AARP doesn't support or endorse the current bill and wanted to clarify so we, the citizens of the country, aren't mislead by words that just aren't true.

'Red' decided to pitch in their two cents in the comments section. We can certainly tell 'Red' is passionate in their beliefs however, it appears that they may have to have somebody do some fact checking on their statement as well. While they tried hard, I fear they may be a little off base with their remarks. If they're not, I think we've all got a heck of a lot more to worry about than we may think we do...

America's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were a direct result of 9/11. Get your facts straight. Also, Obama has spent more money in 6 months than all of the other administrations COMBINED. The results: record job losses and debt. The money went into the pockets of politicians and their cronies.

Obama went to Mexico to coordinate troop movements when he will institute MARTIAL LAW. JUST WAIT!!!!!

Posted by: red Aug 11, 2009 8:20:45 PM

I'm going to sit back and 'just wait', but I'm hoping that what I'm waiting for ISN'T Martial Law...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jean From The Netherlands With Probably THE Most Succinct Comment of The Day

The Daily Mail Online had a nice little article about former President Bill Clinton heading to North Korea to help free the two American journalists being held there. It's an entertaining read with an interesting take on what kind of harm the journalists were in and when.

Jean from the Netherlands has scored the highest marks so far for their comment on the situation and pretty much our entire current state of affairs:

One dillusional, sick old dictator; one lying, randy old ex-president; and two spoilt, dangerously naive young women. Representatives of today's human race, or a disgrace to it? Sadly, both.
- Jean, Netherlands, 09/8/2009 11:34

Congratulations Jean for striking a chord with many. Judging by all the positive ratings other readers have left to your comment, it would appear you are certainly not alone in your thinking.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Assetman Postulates on the Future of Quantitative Easing by the Fed on Zero Hedge

I always like hearing/reading other peoples ideas as to what's going to happen with the economy. We're in relatively uncharted territory when it comes to our current economic environment. Our historical perspective is limited by our personal experiences and how we've interpreted other interpretations of previous, similar events.

On the Zero Hedge post titled 'Is Quantitative Easing About To End?', Assetman posts his thoughts on what the future might bring:

by Assetman
on Sat, 08/08/2009 - 00:22

It will be very interesting to see what the Fed will do come September.

On the surface of things, investors have been "green shooted" half to death. We've been indoctrinated by MSM and the administration that the economy is on the mend. A continuation of QE will clearly imply that the Fed doesn't beleive in the "green shoots" theory... but it may well prop the markets up (at the expense of $).

The Fed could find another way to effectively moentize Treasury debt-- but it won't fool the currency markets at all, and the dollar would continue to erode. This is clearly something the Chinese don't want... and don't expect them to play the auctions, either, when it becomes inside knowledge.

The article suggests that removing QE would increase interest rates. Perhaps that may well be the initial reaction, as Treasury rates have clearly been subsidized at the long end of the curve.

But I think an equity market sell-off would neutralize that effect, as a natural flight to quality would take place. My sense that the Fed and those in the administration have been needing both a equity market rally and low rate levels to meet 2 different objectives. Obviously for the bond market, subsidized low rates have help keep mortgage rates low and has helped keep the cost of new issuance (and interest costs) at bay. The equity rally has allowed many of those with bad balance sheets to either restructure debt-- or to "equitize", as many REITS have effectively done.

In the end, I think the Fed will take the QE training wheels off in September. If the economy doesn't lose traction and another TBTF doesn't unwind, they keep the little wheels off and look for other toxic stuff to buy in addition to MBS (which they will continue to do in boatloads). But it will keep the dollar supported and the Chinese investors happy.

The end of QE could mean troubled times for equities, but I'm not sure about that. I think that all depends on whether Goldman and the other prop desks decide it time to make money the "other way". From a policy standpoint, enginnering as correction may not be a terrible idea, though... the flight from equities would likely move investors to Tresuries, allowing an absorption of additional supply-- while protecting the dollar from falling further.

The window has been open now for about 6 months for companies to come to market for additional capital. Perhaps the "green shoots" we are being told to believe in can keep the window open for an additional month or two. I don't think we are close to an inflationary event anytime soon-- unless the green shoots spread into something more self sustaining. While I beleive that removing QE makes the most sense at this point-- I wouldn't be surprised at all to see policy seeking to keep QE and erode the value of the dollar even more.

Friday, August 7, 2009

JDCM May Have a Point - Politics Always Brings Out the Best & Worst In People!

Sifting through the comments of a politically charged article is always fun. You get the extremes on both sides, the trolls, the lunatics and who knows what else. Periodically, somebody will come up with something that almost makes sense.

Any story about Sarah Palin seems to get people ignited. Poster JDCM seemed to be trying to filter through the noise after reading this Breitbart article:

JDCM 55p · 1 hour ago

Meanwhile as we fight among each other like fools, our elite government will have the best health care available, and it won't be the one they push off on us. They know If they can keep us divided they can push anything they want on us while they leech off we citizens of the American Republic , whom they are to serve.